Unseen Self 76" x 29" x 27" Bronze and Steel


Born November 20th, 1955 in San Diego, California.

Opening: Raised in a household with artistic strength, Jermyn developed drawing and painting skills from an early age. At the age of seventeen, he experienced a pivotal change in his life when he discovered sculpture. Coming of age in 1973 and growing up in Southern California, the times were right for blossoming creativity. By simply picking up his father’s oxygen acetylene torch, he began creating small projects, and what opened was an amazing world. There was an immediate attraction to figurative work and the human form. Through the subject of the figure and working directly in metal, a unique approach and energy began to emerge. Projects quickly grew in scale and complexity until the age of twenty, when Ron engaged in his first major project. Choosing to create a human figure of monumental scale, the project was launched. At the core of this project was an unusually strong energy in terms of subject and an evolving technique. The work was a construction process in metal; as the form developed and unfolded, the project took on a number of dimensions. The work is titled “The Dancer,” the project spawned Jermyn’s unique technique. His aesthetic evolved forward from this project and is reflected throughout all of his current work.
The human figure remained the primary subject throughout the early years. The technique continued to progress, working directly in metal through welding, forging, and finishing. This time period produced a series of one-of-a-kind works varying in scale from small works to monumental. Thematically these figures centered the expression of the human spirit through line, texture, and reaching gestural posing.

Lunar Seduction 78" x 36" x 29" Bronze and Stainless Steel


 "The Sun" 72" x72" x 20" Original Bronze                  "Dancer" 82"x 51"x 72" Original Bronze & Steel

Original Bronze & Steel Dancer
The Dancer 001-resize