About Me

My Background


Self Directed Artist Born 1955 in San Diego, California. Growing up in Southern California in what was a creative and artistic household; Ron found that he did not fit within the education system. He would describe the experience of traditional education as stifling. At the age seventeen Ron discovered sculpture, this discovery catalyzed what has been his life’s adventure into art. Artistic education has been assimilated through connecting with the strengths of the art and environment surrounding Ron, with a merging of his own insights.  A unique approach and technique emerged through working directly with final and finished materials. Control and disciplines were developed across a number of materials allowing for a creative process which may be realized in many directions.        Professionally Ron’s sculpture has been exhibited sense he was a teenager. Throughout his courier he has had been involved in a wide range of projects and opportunities. A diverse range of public and privet commissions, as well as museum and commercial gallery exhibitions across the country.When I was in preschool, my favorite time of day was when I was allowed to draw and paint. As I got older, this love never faded and eventually I went to college to study art. 

My Medium


For Jermyn a sculpture travels a fascinating journey from conception to completion. Bronze, Stainless Steel and Stone make up the final and permanent materials of a finished work. From the first sketch to the final polish sculpture requires a specially shape focus and energy to achieve.  Once a design has been selected an armatures is created primarily of steel. The piece moves forward as a construction process in which materials are applied over the armature to create a solid form. These materials can range from hemp fiber and plaster to catalyzed plastics. Once solidity of the form is achieved over the armature a process of adding and subtracting takes place, and refined through many layers. The work evolves and unfolds as a function of this layering technique. Jermyn describes the process as if the piece moving from a blurry image to a very focused and sharp one.  Upon completion of the original form the work is sent to the foundry for molds, casting and finishing. The basic foundry process has not changed a great deal in the past four thousand years. Materials and tooling have advanced a great deal but the lost wax and bronze casting process remains essentially the same.  Bronze sculpture is a highly specialized process, to create the caliber of Jermyn’s work the foundry is presented with additional challenges. The work requires a great deal of time and attention to achieve the special qualities created in each individual piece. Unique to the look and feel of the work is the patina finish of the bronze. The patina is achieved through the reheating of the bronze at the point the work is near completion. The sculpture blossoms into     variegated colors of gold, greens, reds and blues realizing its final state.     The result all of the effort, and discipline is to achieve a sculpture which has its own individual energy and presents.

My Inspiration


The only way to describe Jermyn’s arrival to his series titled “Elemental” would be as a destination of and exciting journey. The series is a result of searching, seeking through reflection the alchemy of creation and the mystery behind it. As the series moves forward Jermyn refers to the process and experience as an unfolding or unmasking of the work. The sculpture reveals its self often in surprising and fascinating ways as the work is developed.  “Elemental” represents a mythic connected to the primal and foundational elements of which our world is constructed. Fire, Air, Water, and Earth from the beginning of human history mankind has sot understanding the meaning of these primal elements. From the Greeks to the Chinese and many other prominent cultures throughout the past four thousand years their philosophers have sot an understanding of the elements.   For Jermyn, the beginning of this path started with vivid and graphic dreams of large and powerful waves crashing on at his feet. These dreams persisted for a time until a decision was made to express a wave in sculpture. The theme inspired and opened a fresh new prospective and direction and soon became an important new horizon. As the work progressed the concept of the flame and fire was explored and created as a releasing and transitional element. “Elemental” as a theme deepened when Jermyn learn he had a heart condition which catalyzed a great deal of though and reflection. The heart is such a central aspect of a human being from the physically, emotional and spiritually aspect of a person. The situation demanded a new focus on the heart and its primary and primal role in driving life. The heart intergrades seamlessly with the “Elemental” concept at the center of life.  What compelled the creation of this series is the unifying of natural components which orbit Jermyn. His work has always sot to reveal the unseen energies which surround `  continuousness has   A unique technique and application expressed through an expansive fluid motion penetrating the primal themes.

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